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Welcome to my website.

My name is Aleksandr Palamarchuk.

I have been working as a lawyer all over Ukraine since 2003.

I solve problems of any legal complexity.

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  1. About the lawyer
Palamarchuk Aleksandr Anatolyevich

Palamarchuk Aleksandr Anatolyevich is a practising lawyer since 2003.


Between 2003 and 2008 he worked in various positions in the investigative bodies of the tax police. When working in the tax authorities, he upgraded his qualification, finishing the National Agroecological University with a specialization in accounting and audit in 2005.

Since 2008, he has been practising law in the private sector of the economy. Has extensive experience in accompanying the economic activities of companies, holdings, both in Ukraine and abroad.


The barrister's licence was received in 2012.

In 2015, he received an MBA degree.

Law practice


Since 2003 - tax police senior investigator for especially important cases.

Since 2008 - Director of Legal Affairs Department of the holding.

Since 2012 - lawyer, the Zhytomyr Regional Bar Association member.

Since 2017 - lawyer, the Odessa Regional Bar Association member. 

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  1. Corporation law
  1. Economic activity support
  1. Tax inspections
  1. Economic crimes
  1. Courtroom representation in court of any instance
  1. Intellectual property protection
  1. Disputes with banks, credit disputes

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Corporation law

Корпоративное право

Complex legal solutions for serious businessProfessional services in the field of corporate law - consultations on all issues of customer interaction in business environment. Reasonable management and commercial decisions and strategies. Full or partial business restructuring. Formalization of ownership change. Registration of companies of any ownership form. Enterprise liquidation with and without debts. Bankruptcy proceeding support. Prompt change of incorporation documents. Protection of interests of the owners and company reputation. Legal preparation and project support. Development of effective schemes for implementing business processes. Asset legal protection against raidership. Interaction with public authorities. Forecasting of competitive prospects. Legal risk calculation and minimization. The task of a corporate lawyer is to ensure a stable, efficient long term client work. Minimal risks and frictions with public authorities, maximum profit and competitive advantages.

Economic activity support

Сопровождение хозяйственной деятельности

Ensuring clean title to the business Full client acting legality guarantee, taking into account all the fields of law. Complex legal support. Supervision of all business processes within the confines of civil, administrative, labour, tax and criminal legislation. The service implies: formation of contracts with counterparties, contract implementation control, registration of employees, dispute settlement with revenue authority, funds, clients, etc. Contractual services and subscriber services are provided on a rolling basis. Individual dispute settlement The work is strictly within the framework of the entrusted aspect: a controversial situation with settlements with a counterparty, legal lawsuit with a client, tax claims, etc. The revelation degree is controlled by the client. After the dispute settlement, the cooperation is terminated, which is reflected in the contract. When a subsequent request is made, a new contract is established.

Tax inspections

Налоговые проверки

Respect for taxpayer legal rights The maximum possible positive outcome of tax inspection or dispute is guaranteed. Frequent changes in the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of Ukraine make it necessary to spend a lot of time studying the innovations and the rules for their application. Delegating this responsibility to professionals provides the following guarantees: Clean tax arrangements. Legal taxation optimization. Competent support of inspectors when on-site visiting. Qualitative preparation of documents for desk audit. Effective litigation in court. Thorough control over the legality of tax claims. Ensuring their proper execution. Tax dispute settlement The frictions with the tax authorities are not a reason for panic. The specialist will take on the professional tax dispute settlement in favour of the client. Pre-court. Between the State Courier Service and the taxpayer on the basis of the audit results; defensive pleading to the act or claim, appeal of State Courier Service decisions. Court. Representation and full support of the proceedings in the first-instance court, appeal court and cassation court.

Economic crimes

Экономические преступления

Competent protection of the client and his interests Professional contestation of commercial crime complaint in the context of accounting, tax, civil, criminal, economic legislation and judicial practice. Criminal charge analysis and its legal validity verification. Protection strategy devising. Collection and presentation of acquittal evidence. Protection during pre-investigation check, pre-trial investigation and in court. Re-characterisation the prosecution for more "light" articles. Mitigating the sentence, reducing it to a conditional. Assistance in termination of a criminal prosecution. The meaningful audit experience of my partners, free operation with the law rules, knowledge of psychology, trends and peculiarities of the Ukrainian economy guarantees the preservation of the client's business reputation. The contract is concluded upon the fact of pressing charges or when the crisis situation is approaching. In both cases, the professional team works promptly and competently - the client is already armed at all points to the moment when he should communicate with public authorities.

Courtroom representation in court of any instance

Представительство в судах всех уровней

Advocating the client interests in court of any instance Real practical assistance in protecting interests in courts of any level - litigation with clients, contractors, public authorities. Preparation for the process and pre-court dispute settlement. Formation of a claim statement and a response. Devising a strategy with the selection of documentary justifications. Strict compliance with judicial regulations. Free operation with the norms of civil, administrative, economic, labour, tax, criminal law. Confidentiality guarantee. Specialization of the lawyer corresponds to the subject matter of any certain case - disputes with revenue authority, private customers, between companies, public authority claims, etc. I have a rich experience of participating in the following cases: Recovery of losses and damages for loss of opportunity; Challenge against validity of transactions; Breach of property rights; Contestation of the prosecution regulatory validity. Penalties and moral damages.

Intellectual property protection

Интеллектуальная собственность

Patent racketeering prevention Legal defense of intellectual property, rights to utility models and samples. Right holder's interest protection in court. Registration of trademarks, company marks, logos, slogans and other identifying attributes. Collection of plagiarism evidence and presentation in court. Contestation of the priority right to use intellectual property. Legalization of rights to invention, industrial designs and models. Procurement of rights for computer programs, databases, etc. Registration of intellectual property in the Customs Register. Effective protection against patent racketeering. Patent examining operation. Comprehensive copyright protection. Client's interest intermediation in court as plaintiff or defendant. The team of experienced professionals analyzes the situation in detail, collects and examines documents, forms an evidence base.

Disputes with banks, credit disputes

Споры с банками, кредитные споры

Contestation of debt and optimization of loan payments. How to take a loan without risk, choose a favorable service tariff and defend your rights in a dispute with the bank? Professional credit lawyer will help. Optimal business lending program. Challenging of hidden commissions and additional interest. Respite. Debt restructuring. Appeal of account blocking. Bank action validity verification. Loan cancellation and early repayment. Leasing registration. Preparation of loan package of documents. Selection of the guarantor and the pledged item. Advocating the client's rights to it. Appealing unreasonable claims of the bank. Formation of a claim statement and response. Representing the client in court. Qualified assistance with excessive credit burden and obtaining a new loan - from the contract analysis to all additional agreements

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